Sunday, March 22, 2020

My plan to enforce social distancing during the pandemic when I become King: to congregate at a meeting, park, beach, or whatever during the pandemic?  Because I liken that to reckless endangerment.  Well, fine.  When the police show up, they will temporarily detain you while your fingerprint gets added to a national idiot registry.  After that, the police will send you on your merry way.  Now, should you become ill and need hospitalization (for any reason), hospitals will deny treatment to anyone listed in the national idiot registry as punishment for helping contribute to the overloading of the healthcare system.  You will be handed a bottle of aspirin and a band-aide and taken home.  Since you screwed the system the system now screws you.

Now should someone with COVID-19 knowingly expose other people to the virus, then they will receive one year in prison (with other people carrying the virus of course), a $10,000 fine, and a felony conviction on their record.